UNIVERSAL CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX all king of cereal seed and forage crops (Wheat, barley, rye, oat, peas, soy, alfalfa, safflower) able to sowing precision and smooth to the row hanging type sowing machine. As a separately small vegetable seeds like, spinach, onion, parsley can sowing successfully. Sowing feets optionally could be produced with double disc or axe feet type. Available models with and without fertilizer. Sowing seeder to all types of soil to the land, to the back and straight. The seeds is throwing to the soil in desired amount with help of the level through the gearbox feed cell. With their high working efficiency the machine is able to sowing to all points of the soil.


  • Is possible 2-450kg/ha varying a seed adjusting.
  • Easy to modify, strong and useful machine.
  • It can be to sow at all types of the soil to the back side and surface with same sensitivity.
  • The sowing feets is designed to make a same pressure to the soil surface at any height. Due to possibility obtaining a uniform sowing pattern.
  • Because the seeds is falling to the same depth in the same time is providing a simultaneous germination.
  • Through the design is possible to sowing as minimum 12cm between rows.
  • Optionally the feets could be sectional.
  • Through the continuously variable transmission is possible precision and easy to adjust the sowing norm. The transmission is working silent.
  • The backside covers is springly.
  • Hydraulic and electric stimulant marking system is available.
  • Machine with high working performance.
  • Could be producing with and without fertilizer.
  • Optionally sowing feets with axe – could be double disc type.
  • Through the sowing test before sowing is possible to adjust the desirable amount of seeds to sowing to the hectare. Optionally is easy to done impact process. Pressure adjust of sowing feets could be processed separately.

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Tehničke karakteristike

Working Width (mm)2500300036004000
Disc Quantity21252933
Seed Hopper Volume (L)476593710828
Approximately Weight With Fertilizer (kg)80096011051215
Width (mm)2060206020602060
Lenght (mm)2600315037504100
Height (mm)1450145014501450
Wheel Size500x15500x15600x16600x16
Tractor Power (HP)60708090
Price of machine without VAT4380 €4890 €5610 €6300 €
Price of machine without VAT with fertilizer4920 €5780 €6440 €7430 €